Saturday, June 14, 2008

34. Make a sculpture.

COMPLETED January 2006
I'm not sure some people would call this a "sculpture," but since this is my list, I can count it. A few years ago, with the help of an art teacher friend, I did a plaster cast of my face. I had painted it as a mask, but one night got inspired to create what I call "The Techno-Goddess" using the mask, repainted, and some odds and ends from a box of gadgets and old computer parts. The eyes are dials, the hair is multi-strand wire that I separated, the earrings are other gadgets, and the base has letters from old keyboards. After a stint sitting in the living room, The Techno-Goddess moved to the closet in the master bedroom when my younger son said she was "creepin' me out, Mom."

For an alternative, though much simpler, entry in the sculpture vein, I also molded an old LP into a vase for some silk flowers.The how-tos are the same as for the record bowls I often use as candy or other gift baskets; I just shaped the soft record into an interesting shape instead of into a bowl.

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