Monday, July 7, 2008

11. Visit Morefield Gem Mine, or White Sands, New Mexico.


As I just noted under the "run a 10K" entry, it's my blog, my rules here. Morefield Gem Mine is a place that my husband went with the sons on a scout trip. You take your own bucket, fill it with sludge, and then dig through it looking for gems. It sounded like great fun, so I put it on The Fifty. At the time I put it on The Fifty, the sons had probably passed the age at which it would be oh so very much fun to go do that, and it's not really the sort of thing I'd suggest to the husband for a date. In other words, I'm probably not going to make it there.

I visited White Sands National Monument while visiting with friends in New Mexico. It's a mystical, magical place. The white sands appear snowlike at times until the heat and lizards remind you otherwise. I loved it so much that I engineered a return trip to New Mexico three months from now just to be able to see White Sands again. I did take my share of photos there; unfortunately, they're on a different computer I don't feel like moving to right now. Check out the photo album on the national monument website I linked to above; the ones there are probably better than mine anyway.

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