Monday, July 14, 2008

4. Go ice skating.

COMPLETED 21 January 2006

Some items were added to The Fifty because I had done them earlier in life and thought it would be fun to try them again. Ice skating was one of these. Growing up in Great Falls, Montana, I skated a lot as a child. We would take family trips to the pond in Gibson Park and spend a winter afternoon skating. Later, after we moved to the country club area of town, we would skate on the water hazards of the golf course. I was never into the figure skating aspects of skating, and would have aspired to speed skating had I ever pursued any form of skating seriously.

For The Fifty, I went ice skating with my younger son's Boy Scout troop at the Charlottesville Ice Park, about the only way to ice skate here, even in the hardest of winters. Having only skated a time or two since I left Montana (right after fifth grade), I wasn't as secure on my skates as the kids or most of the adults. Still, I survived and even managed to have a good time. The photos aren't great since they were taken with a disposable camera, but they prove I was there and skating.

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Debi said...

I have never been on ice skates in my life! The ponds growing up were also too covered with snow for kids to do much ice skating. But I hope to use it as one of my "out of my comfort zone" activities. The kids will have to teach me how.