Saturday, July 5, 2008

13. Visit Williamsburg.

COMPLETED Fall 2006 but not really.

When I included this in The Fifty, I was really referring to Colonial Williamsburg, a place we went with the kids on several memorable trips, including one where my husband was stung on the lip by a bee, elder son split his chin open on the edge of the hotel pool, younger son got a stomach virus and threw up twice--on me both times, and I came home and got sick probably in response to the trip. On another trip, we had all the other parents in the crowd upset with us after we allowed our kids to participate totally in the brickyard including stamping the mud to help mix it to the proper consistency. All the other kids wanted to join in, but it seemed that none of the other parents shared our "Dirty kids? Happy kids!" philosophy. (Not to mention that the kids were learning something--even 15 years later, than can discourse on length about how bricks were made in Colonial days.) Anyway, the "Visit Williamsburg" listed on The Fifty really meant "Visit Colonial Williamsburg." I still haven't done that, though I did spend three days in Williamsburg City in the fall of 2006 at a Marriott, attending the annual meeting of the Virginia Association for the Gifted. So while I technically did "visit Williamsburg," it was not in the intent of the item.

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Janet said...

What do you mean, "not really"? Do you mean, "not recently"?

I've been twice that I remember; once when I was a kid, with family; and once on my honeymoon (along with Jamestown, Monticello, and Luray).